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Achievements are regular events and activities, such as team meetings, community service and robotics demonstrations, that students who are actively involved on the team would normally participate in. The purpose of these activities is to help make 1511 students more well-rounded by getting them involved in their community and beyond, spreading FIRST.

Students can earn the cost of their travel to competitions by completing achievements. Achievements are detailed in the Team Handbook. Note that returning students and new students have different levels of achievements.

Achievement Levels

There are 5 levels of Achievements that you can earn: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%.

100%: You have completed all achievements. Your only cost for travel will be the deposits. Deposits are based on the amount of fund raising the team did as a whole.

75%: You have completed most of your achievements, including ALL fundraising, but some achievements have not been completed (i.e. attended only 1 of 2 FLL events, participated in only 2 of 3 robot demonstrations). You will only have to pay the deposits and 25% of the trip costs.

50%: Most students reach this level with a normal amount of team participation. You have participated in most achievements, but have not fulfilled all of them. You will have to pay the deposits and 50% of trip costs.

25%: You have minimal involvement on the team, perhaps only participating in Preseason or Build Season. You will have to pay the deposits and 75% of trip costs.

0%: This is very difficult for a team member to get if they truly are a team member. This is if you have signed up for trips, but you have never attended a team activity or meeting. You will be responsible for paying all deposits and total trip costs. However, students at this level will be evaluated on a per case basis as to whether they will be allowed to attend competitions as competition is for team members only.


*Note that the deposits are determined by the amount of overall fundraising of the team. Fundraising is both an individual and team effort!

Student Eligibility

School Eligibility is vital to being involved in any PHS club. 1511 strongly feels that all students should focus first on education. Any student declared ineligible by the school rules cannot participate in the team. Any student on probation is highly encouraged to focus on school and NOT the team. Additionally, students must sign & abide by the Extracurricular and Athletic Code of Conduct in order to be eligible.

Acceptable Behavior

We expect all team members to treat each other with respect. FIRST often boasts to act in manners that "would make your grandmother proud". So that means no PDA, no playing computer games at meetings, no fights, no talking back to adults. You are representing your school, the team, Harris and FIRST everywhere you go. In all, acting in a fashion to make everyone have a fun and enjoyable time on the team.


The Student Application must be submitted by the end of September. Any students who have not turned in the application will NOT be allowed at any team meetings or events until the application is turned in.


Similar to the Student Application, the Student Contract can be found here or at the end of the Team Handbook. The contract states that you and a parent/guardian have read and understand the team handbook. You will be bound by these rules, so please read it before you sign!

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