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Design Process

Our team uses the Engineering Design Process as it relates to the FIRST Build Season. We do exercises in preseason and plan build season around the Engineering Design process. Here is a summary of the Design Process as it relates to Engineering and FIRST.

1. Identify the need or problem
2. Identify the Criteria and Constraints
3. Specification Ranking
4. Brainstorm Design Concepts
5. Construct a prototype*
6. Slect an Approach
7. Detailed Design
8. Manufacturing & Implementation
9. Analyze the Results
10. Refine the Design


Although in the typical Engineering Design Process a solution is usually selected and then prototyped, if the manpower and material is available, and if there is a a very short amount of time for rework, Steps 4 & 5 can be switched. Most FIRST teams will actually do several prototypes in parallel in order to select the best robot design.*

Here is a link to a whitepaper on the Engineering Design Process for Robotics and also to our team's Engineering Design Process Presentation

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