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Rochester Rally, Rah Cha Cha Ruckus, Rookie Meet and Greet

Rochester Rally

The Rochester Rally is a scrimmage of the year's new game, organized and hosted by Team 1511 Rolling Thunder. It allows local teams to not only test out their new 'bot, but to test out their drive team, strategy, and to meet and make friends with other local teams in the process. Before the new bag and tag process, Rolling Thunder would offer teams the bonus of free shipment of their robots to their first official competition. Rally is a great opportunity for new members to get a feel for what a FIRST competition is truly like. The Rally is usually held the Sunday before Ship Day.

Rally Field



Rah Cha Cha Ruckus

Rah Cha Cha Ruckus is a Halloween-themed off season event held at the end of October. Team 1511 Rolling Thunder leads a committee of local FIRST members to organize the event, with Harris sponsorship. The competition allows teams to play the previous year's game one last time, meet other teams, introduce new team members to competition, and take part in fun activities such as human player only matches, mentor matches, and a chance to pie your favorite FIRST friend in the face. Check out the Ruckus Website at for more info.

Ruckus Field

Rob Pie   Armory


Rookie Meet and Greet

The Rookie Meet and Greet was founded in 1511's Rookie year. They compiled a booklet of all of the accomplishments of the rookie teams attending Championships. They decided they wanted to meet these teams and kicked off the first annual Championship Rookie Meet and Greet. Ever since then, 1511 has hosted this event at a central location during Championships! Each year there are games and prizes, and 1511 hands out packets to the rookie teams that include information on how to start FLL teams.

ARMAG Group Shot

ARMAG Winners


Rookie Meet & Greet Booklets & Championship Rookie All Stars!

2005: RMAG Booklet   Team 1511
2006: RMAG Booklet   Team 1885
2007: RMAG Booklet   Team 2283
2008: RMAG Booklet   Team 2352
2009: RMAG Booklet   Team 3091
2010: Not Available    Team 3138
2011: RMAG Booklet   Team 3521
2012: RMAG Booklet   Team 3990
RMAG Booklet   Team


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